Training and Development

In-House Training

In-house training programs are considered one of the important training solutions being applied by various successful organizations in enhancing performance on the individual as well as the collective level, i.e. corporate. Since OTC believes in the effectiveness of the outputs of such training, it paid it special attention. And in order to maximize our clients benefit of the output such training, we request filling the questionnaire that follows, and which will help us design a training program that satisfies your needs and realizes your goals and wishes because sound output is based upon sound input:

  • Required program
  • Objectives of the training program
  • Participants managerial level (supervisory, executive, or both)
  • Participants' occupations (managers, deputies, assistants, department heads, employees)
  • Are participants of the same departments? Different departments? What departments?
  • Participants qualifications and experience
  • Program required: Basic or Advanced?
  • Number of hours and trainees
  • Special areas to be emphasized
  • Language: Arabic or English
  • Other additional information
These above points are just an example. They aim at defining the training needs in a preliminary form, to be followed by field visits by the concerned expert to the requesting party, or arranging for a telephone conversation to clarify the training needs in an accurate form.

Qatariat curricula

  • Internal Auditing curriculum
  • Competencies Based HR Curriculum
  • Seconded Line Leadership Curriculum
  • Strategic Planning Curriculum
  • Customer Services Curriculum
  • Financial Analysis Curriculum
  • Human Resources Curriculum
  • Marketing Curriculum.