Tamkeen Training and Development

Tamkeen Training and Development

Who We Are We are committed to fully support the Qatari women who are fervent to push their education further, develop their skills as well as acquire new competencies in order to be able to achieve great success on both personal and professional levels. It aims to identify and support Qatari women including professional and business owners who wish to or already contribute to the social and economic activity through their significant professional or entrepreneurial achievements.

Our Vision

To build stronger foundations for a brighter future by being the reliable partner of success of the women of tomorrow.

Training Programs

1. The Field of Entrepreneurship

  • Financial
  • Administrative
  • Marketing
  • IT.
  • 2. The Protocol and Etiquette

    • Personal and attractive women's triple formula to acquire.
    • The art of praise to the concept of upscale Courtesy.
    • Tact in accepting the courtesies and etiquette presentation and acquaintance.
    • Etiquette and modern methods of control words.
    • Sterile and fruitful dialogues and ways to deal with it.
    • Listening etiquette and how to control body movements.
    • International rules for the language of the body and its relationship with etiquette and protocol.
    • Table etiquette and rules of the organizational and behavioral.
    • Precedence between men and women and how to select them.
    • Preparation of concerts and social events.

3. Personal Development

  • Overcoming negative self-beliefs and empowering their internal strengths
  • Developing their leadership of others, and how to be effective performers
  • Team Management and Dealing with conflict
  • Qatar National Vision 2030
  • Motivational Factors for Teams. & others

  • 4. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

    5. Bassma

    • Economic & Market Needs
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Business Law & Ethics
    • Communication Skills
    • Business English
    • Women as Leaders in Business & Society (emphasis on Qatari, Gulf & Arab female role models & success stories)
    • Marketing & Public Relations
    • Business Simulations & Case Studies (final project)