Qatariyat Profile

Qatariat Profile She exercises her full right To take her respectable role in community She acts as a vital protagonist Within the development process of her country She has proven unbound ability To cooperate with her fellow men In cultural, political and economic activities She still has outstanding potentials To seize further opportunities And assuming leading roles in society For the ultimate sake of the whole humanity She is a woman

Foreward to the Chairman

The greatest challenge of our time is to create a world where all citizens take part in building a sustainable developed community. Achieving this require public will, social support, diligent education, and courageous private initiative. The 21st Century has witnessed the emergence of the private sector and non-governmental organizations in social development generally and the advancement of women particularly. Today, Qatar takes great pride to be one of the main Arab countries that are moving toward greater gender equality. The womenís role, all the more in the business field, has become a key theme of social development strategies.

However, further time and efforts are necessary to make the question of gender equality a major point of interest of most decision makers within the Arab society. In this context, we at Qatariat are strongly committed to offering a truly educational and networking platform for businesswomen and leaders to set trends, influence, innovate, strategize successful platforms and leverage women’s participation in the global business world. We believe in our vital role through these actions towards all stakeholders, from our active and trustworthy team, to our professional and certified partners, to the Qatari women in particular and above all the Arab community as a whole.

Buthaina H. Al-Ansari

Founder & Chairperson

Qatariat Training & Development

is committed to fully support the Qatari women who are fervent to push their education further, develop their skills as well as acquire new competencies in order to be able to achieve great success on both personal and professional levels. It aims to identify and support Qatari women including professional and business owners who wish to or already contribute to the social and economic activity through their significant professional or entrepreneurial achievements.

Qatariat Magazine

is a publication that addresses businesswomen in particular, covering all related local and Arab news including businesswomen’s events, achievements, social contributions, business impediments, as well as future projects and perspectives.

Qatariat Development Consultancy

represents both genders’ entity helping women and men alike who need any strategic support to enhance their business plans and any development related issue.

Our Profile steps in our works

Our Mission

To be one of the most active players in the Qatari business scene through raising awareness among women and help them promote their knowledge and foster their self-confidence to be capable to take up the big challenges of our time.

Our Vision

To build stronger foundations for a brighter future by being the reliable partner of success of the women of tomorrow.

Our Services

Through our up-to-date and professional services, we help businesses decide what their workforce should look like, how the workload should flow and what measures of performance should be in place. In short, we can help you develop an entire organizational strategy that helps you boost your time management, your presentation skills, your communication skills, how to manage your team work, how to manage conflict at work, how to take decisions, and how to organize your work agenda. All the above are ensured by the following services we professionally provide:

  • Training programs as proposed in our annual plan
  • Specially tailored training programs for in-house training
  • Assistance in training needs assessment
  • Career and executive path planning including the training needs assessment
  • Conference programs preparation services to Arab organizations
  • Financial and managerial consultations
  • Professional certificates for all the training courses provided, in addition to an MBA as well as diplomas in HR and Marketing, in cooperation with Arab and international organizations.

Minds of Power

  • Strengthening the role of women in making their own decisions in exercising any business activities
  • Promoting women’s scientific and business capabilities
  • Polishing womenís leadership traits
  • Enhancing awareness of the latest knowledge, skills, and information

The Way Forward

  • Developing national human resources along with educational opportunities through guaranteeing special programs and solutions that meet the effective requirements of the local and Arab market
  • Contributing to the effective development and expansion of small enterprises in the region
  • Undertaking any action for upgrading Qatari women contribution to the economic and national fields

Thinking Global

  • Discussing of strategic alliances and business opportunities
  • Organizing special sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Offering added-value services and support that keep up with the most stringent international standards
  • Networking and sharing experience with leading women worldwide

Our Training Program

At Qatariat, one of our greatest strengths is helping you get the most suitable training that meets your career goals. Our teams of professional trainers provide a series of exhaustive courses encompassing the following programs:

  • Human Resources program designed for anyone willing to or embarking on a career in HR, as well as the ones who have some responsibility for advice on HR as part of their role or who may be taking on that responsibility.
  • Marketing program covering the basic knowledge on the most developed marketing strategies along with live practices and international case studies.
  • Banking program intended to help everyone working or contemplating to work in the banking sector; the course is structured with bankers having years of experience in the field.
  • Real Estate program designed to give a theoretic and practical overview of the real estate principles and regulations of the local, regional and international market.
  • Finance program that helps you develop your financial knowledge and skills, backed by the most advanced training tools available worldwide.
  • Legal program developed and provided by a team of veteran legal consultants; it covers among others the business law in a friendly approach designed to train novices in the field.
  • Hotel Management program considered one of the most professional courses in the field; it provides the skills, knowledge, and hands-on training for professional development and is unquestionably a valuable opportunity to go forward.
  • Accounting program is one of the most up- to-date vocational courses for individuals and corporates, providing basic principles to extensive practical exercises and experience.
  • li>Corporate Governance program dedicated to experienced or newly appointed directors, managers, employees and other stakeholders to promote their corporate governance knowledge in order to meet every organizational need.

Our In House Training

The competitiveness of your business partly rests on the quality and skills of your human resources. Appropriate training improves the performance and productivity of your staff and ensures they have the skills that your business needs. At Qatariat, we consider that an effective training is crucial for your business growth. Thatís why we focus on in-house training and the advanced methods you can use. We greatly believe in the effectiveness of the outputs of such training. And in order to maximize your benefits, we preset your specific requirements and training features to guarantee your satisfaction and your goals achievement. Accordingly, we previously study basic data related to the participants, including their managerial

level, their occupations, their departments, their qualifications and experience, their number, in addition to the desired program, its duration, the language required, and any other necessary information. The above points are not exhaustive and aim at defining the training needs in a preliminary form, to be followed by phone conversation or field visits carried out by the concerned expert to the requesting party. Our training curricula encompass the following: Internal Auditing, Competencies Based HR, Second Line Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Services, Financial Analysis, Human Resources, and Marketing.