Buthaina Al Ansari Short Biography

Buthaina Al Ansari is a born leader and actively promotes positive change for her country and the emerging talent of Qatari women. As Senior HR Director of Q-Tel she leads with passion and integrity and continues to challenge the status quo. She has been named as one of the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2012 and 2013 by Arab Business magazine. click for more

Business Women Award

First Runner-up professional category 2009 (Qatari Development Project in financial Sector)

Elected as Business Women of the year

Qatar achievements 2011 By (Arabian Business Magazine

Elected as most 100 powerful women in the Middle East

in 2011 No:67,(Arabian Business Magazine)

L’Officiel Qatar’s Most Inspirational Arab Woman of the Year Award September 20122012
Voted 7th by CommsMEA in the Top 50 Female Telecoms Executives September 20122012
Voted 19th by ArabianBusiness.com 100 Most Powerful Arab Women 20122012
Master’s Degree in Business Management & HR Strategic Planning from Qatar University2012

Latest Buthain's book

Qatari Women before / after oil &gas

To every Qatari women, This Book is to develop and promote Qatari women’s image to the people around the world.

Buthain's Sayings

‘If we want to be more than just the ID number on our ID cards, if you want to be unique and want be like those you see in the community, you have to work on a number of things. First of all, set your goals. Be smart, measure and prepare yourself. Don’t over dream especially at your age because you have a long journey ahead of you…At your age, you have to have short-term goals and long-terms goals.’ By Bouthaina Al Ansari

Education is really important to building your character. You have to get educated, to learn and to see what are the latest achievements. By Bouthaina Al Ansari


SHEROES (English)


To every Qatari women, This Book is to develop and promote Qatari women’s image to the people around the world.

Buthain's Sayings

‘Whenever a dream comes true, or an idea has been created, or a project has been successfully completed. I always remember the best and the biggest of my dreams and always brought me stronger’ By Bouthaina Al Ansari

Every time I reach my goal, I pray to Allah say, “Allah, do not let me forget from where did I start” By Bouthaina Al Ansari

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Interview with Buthaina Al Ansari

Ms. Buthaina is talking about supporter of professionals and businesswomen who either wish to or already contribute to the society and economy through their significant professional.